《澳门汇》为澳门地区首屈一指的高端杂志;杂志面向高端旅客,是唯一一本在中国内地发行的澳门刊物。《澳门汇》拥有独特的发行渠道,发行量高达81,420 本。借由四通八达的发行网络,杂志的精英读者群可在内地多个中心城市、前往澳门途中、亦或是抵澳之后均可享阅《澳门汇》。

“Macau sink” for Macao’s premier high-end magazines; magazine for high-end travelers, is the only one in mainland China issued Macau publications. “Macau sink” has a unique distribution channels, circulation up to 81,420 this. By the ease of distribution networks, magazine readership elite centers in multiple cities in the Mainland, on his way to Macau, or after arrival in Australia were also enjoy reading “Macao sink.”Macau Inc is the region’s premier magazine for VIP visitors, and the only Macaubased magazine circulated in Mainland China. With a circulation of 81,420 copies, distributed through unique channels, Macau Inc reaches an elite readership before they come to Macau, while they are on the way here, and once they arrive.
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